Bachelorette parties, wedding parties, corporate events!

Book a private class for your event. We’d love to lead your group through a private class, or have you join any of our regularly scheduled classes on the beach. There’s nothing like yoga on the sand with the sound of the waves and sun on your face, to inspire and uplift. It’s perfect forContinue reading “Bachelorette parties, wedding parties, corporate events!”

Free class Saturday 9am June 18th!!

It’s Stone Harbor’s Fitness festival this weekend!! Join us for a free class on the 82nd street beach at 9am. If you’ve ever wanted to try beach yoga here’s your chance, bring a towel/matt and your friends! It’s a mixed level class- that anybody, any body can do! Yoga for everybody, every body! Do moreContinue reading “Free class Saturday 9am June 18th!!”